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Grading Procedures

Every quarter students will have:
Three Major Grades (two tests & one project)
  • Projects will have detailed rubrics provided.  Any and all plagiarism will result in a failing grade on projects.  Plagiarism includes: copying writing from the internet; using words and phrases that are not your own; and writing items that you don't understand.
  • All tests and quizzes come with study-guides.  All material for the test or quiz is on the study-guide.
  • All tests and quizzes can be retaken at lunch starting the day after, and the new grade will replace the old grade.  Students just have to tell me in the morning which test or quiz they want to retake in the morning.
Four Minor Grades (two or three quizzes, occasionally a smaller assignment, one binder check)
  • Quizzes can be retaken, and do have study-guide.
  • The Binder check is a check to see if students have been finishing their work correctly, and in complete sentences.  Students lose 25% of their grade if each condition has not been met.
  • The smaller assignment will have a checklist.
Five Classwork grades
These are graded for correctness, completeness, and use of complete sentences.