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Classroom Expectations

Classroom Expectations



Rather than a set of rules; our classroom is based off three ideas.

  • Rights.  All students have a right to feel safe and the right to an education.  No one’s behaviour may endanger those rights in other students. This means that we have to treat classmates with respect, may not bully or belittle classmates, and may not interrupt classmates or the classroom environment.

  • Rule of Law.  Everyone has to obey the rules, equally.  I create no rules that I don’t follow myself.  If there are any times that my behavior must differ from my expectation for students; it must extend from my responsibility as an educator.  Students have the right to question all decisions in a way that doesn’t disrupt the classroom environment.

  • Republicanism.  A classroom, like a Democracy, only works if members participate.  Participation in classroom activities is expected.