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Mandi Beck

Welcome! I am Coach Beck, a PE Teacher and Coach here at SDMS. This is my fifth year teaching PE and Health and my fourth year at SDMS. I am looking forward to a great school year. Any questions about PE or athletics please email me -
B.S. Physical Education and Health - UNCG '15
SDMS Athletic Director 
SDMS Head Softball Coach
SDMS Head Girls Basketball Coach
SDHS Girls Asst Soccer Coach
 Daily Schedule:
Intervention 8:05-8:38am
1st Period 7th Grade 8:38-9:24am
2nd Period 7th Grade 9:26-10:10am
Planning 10:10-10:52am
3rd Period 8th Grade 10:53-11:36am
4th Period 8th Grade 11:38-12:22pm
Planning 12:22-1:35pm
5th Period 6th Grade 1:35-2:19pm
6th Period 6th Grade 2:19-3:05pm

Major works (3) (tests, projects) - 40% 

Minor works (4+) (quizzes, fitness testing) - 35% 

Classwork/homework (5+) (dress out grade, participation) - 25% 


Dressing Out - Required during PE Days. 

Must change shirt and shorts and wear tennis shoes. 

No P.E. Uniform required. 

Must follow school dress code policy.