Mrs. Alivia McLaughlin » Expectations


Our expectations for the classroom

  • Be punctual and prepared.
  • Treat staff and peers with respect.
  • Follow directions, raise your hand to speak, and listen to others.
  • Pay attention and participate.

It is expected of your child to write down daily homework in their agenda, which is to be signed each night.  Agendas will be checked each morning in homeroom during the first nine weeks.  Homework is expected to be completed and turned in on time for each class.


Make-Up Work/Attendance

Your child will prosper this year if he/she is present each day.  If your child is absent, it is his/her responsibility to check with each teacher to get make-up work and make arrangements for the due date.  Your child should not wait on the teacher to approach them about make-up work but should take initiative to get all their work.


Grading Policy

This year we will have a 10-point grading scale.  The following number grades align with the letter grade:

A 90 - 100

B 80 - 89

C 70 – 79

D 60 – 69

F Below 60

There will be at least three major grades, four minor grades, and five homework/classwork grades for each class per quarter.


Late Work

If work is turned in late, up to ten points will be deducted from the assignment with teacher discretion depending on circumstances.