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Classroom Expectations/Grading Procedures

The expectation is that your student is attending class prepared and ready to learn. It is important that your student has the necessary materials for class (pencils, papers, books, assignments, etc.). If there is an issue, feel free to contact me via Class Dojo or email.
Your student will have root word homework most weeks. This is a simple assignment that will be given out on Monday and is to be returned on Friday. The assignment is also available on Google Classroom should your student wish to complete their homework online. They will have a quiz on Friday. Most short weeks, we will not have root words. 
Grading Procedures
Grades are entered into PowerSchool as soon as they are finished. Grades are entered at least once per week as required by the county. I will attempt to collect missing work at least twice, however it is the student's responsibility to keep their work up to date and turn it in. Root word homework and quarterly book projects will not be accepted late.