School Parent and Family Engagement Policy

South Davidson Middle School 

Title 1 Parent and Family Engagement Policy

Title 1 was established by the United States Department of Education to provide extra resources to schools and school districts with the highest concentration of poverty. This federally funded program provides assistance to improve the teaching and learning of children in high poverty schools to enable those children to meet the same high standards expected of all children. 

South Davidson Middle School will:

  • hold an annual public meeting to inform parents about the school wide Title 1 program.
  • offer meetings, workshops, and parent conferences to provide collaboration between parents and school personnel.
  • provide parents with timely information on student progress, attendance, and the Title 1 program.
  • assist parents with understanding local and state student achievement standards.
  • provide materials and training for parents on technology and how they can assist their student academically in the classroom.
  • coordinate and integrate activities focused on incoming 6th grade students and current 8th grade students to assist with the transition to and from middle school.
  • provide opportunities for parents with disabilities and parents who are limited English speakers to participate in parental involvement activities.